Vidoki Media is an animation studio that specializes in explainer videos, demo videos, and whiteboard animations.

We’re on a mission to help businesses and organizations tell their story simply and effectively in order to attract investors, reach larger audiences, and increase customer conversions.

Our video philosophy is simple: short and sweet 🙂

We see too many videos faulter because they try to do too many things. Our unique process gets to the core of your story so it connects with the minds and hearts of viewers, motivating action.

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Phil Johnston, Founder at Vidoki Media

Phil has over 15 years experience in the video production and animation industry. Involved from concept-to-completion, he ensures each project meets Vidoki’s high standards for clarity of messaging, technical execution, and client service.

Prior to starting Vidoki in 2012 he worked for numerous media companies and networks such as CBC, CTV, and Global TV. He produced animated content on projects for Ford, Much Music, Telus and more.Check out some of his work below:

Phil resides in Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada. He grew up in Winnipeg, MB amongst the friendly prairie people 🙂 He loves cycling, watching episodes of Shark Tank with his wife, and petting their dog Jojo.